Programs and Assessments

1. Your Best Majors Profile- $97 (A great first step!)

In one hour, have a clear picture of at least 5 occupations or majors that map to your interests

so that you can go from

UNdecided to Focused, Happy and Employable

“What do you want to be when you grow up? ” ” What is your major?”  These can be terrifying questions for most teenagers and college students.  They feel compelled to have well thought out answers but usually they default with what sounds good or what their parents or friends have told them.  But think about it.  What do we do in our academic structure to help student thoughtfully and thoroughly think through these life decisions? Very little.

When I ask students how they picked their major I usually hear two approaches:

  • I took a class I loved and the teacher was great so I picked that as my major
    •  But as you can see, this doesn’t include any thought about how it could translate into a job after college.


  • I picked a major that I thought would lead to good employment opportunities.
    • But they are now miserable because it doesn’t fit their interests or abilities and they are often going back to school to retrain into an occupation that is a better  personal fit

     53 percent of recent college graduates would select a different major if they had to do it again.

Either way, parents and students are spending vast sums of money for an education that doesn’t fit them or the job market.   Because this is heartbreaking on so many levels,  I’ve developed a process that gives students (and their parents) a ton of information.

Your Best Majors Profile:

  • is based on the proven and statistically valid Strong Interest Inventory Assessment used by many top colleges worldwide
  • includes a detailed 20+ page report that highlights and quantifies your areas of interest
  • identifies occupations (and supporting majors) that most closely align with your interests
  • provides insights on personal styles identifying where and how you will thrive
  •  linked to O-NET a massive online database of amazing information

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2. Have Your Best Semester Yet and Still Have a Social Life

For students who want to make serious progress throughout the entire semester

This is the most all inclusive of the programs and is specifically designed for stressed out students who are finally ready to do the work it takes to feel smart, confident and ready to rock high school, college or grad school without losing their lives to school and studying. Together we dig deep to find the best approaches for the student and then have lots of accountability and check ins.

NOTE: Parents: Just a heads up that while this might sound great to you it’s essential that the student is bought in too. They are the ones who must do the work. But, we can talk about how to best approach this with your student. Usually students enjoy having an ‘objective’ partner in their journey .

We meet weekly (with unlimited check-ins) for the duration of the semester providing concierge level of support for the students and parents.   We focus on your everyday challenges with academics as well as what you must accomplish for the coming weeks.

You really can transform what school feels like. Less overwhelm and stress. More confidence, focus, and fun! That’s the promise of academic life coaching, if you are willing to partner with me … and rock your school year.

3. Rescue Your Semester: High Impact Focused Attention

For students who are in mid semester Deep DooDoo or who need just a little less support

Have you ever noticed how you start off strong at the beginning of each semester, but by week three you’re already behind on four assignments, have missed a handful of classes, and aren’t entirely sure what your professor is lecturing about? This 8 session program covers much of the same as the Best Semester Yet program but in shorter duration and without the continuing semester long accountability to stay on track.
During Rescue Your Semester, we’ll review your upcoming schedule and  develop routines for how you are going to keep on top of everything.  Then, we’ll work together for a few weeks to fine tune your routines and hold you accountable for integrating them into your life before you go solo.   How will it feel to have a game plan to help you stay on top of your classes, and still find plenty of time to hang out with your friends?

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4. ASSESSMENTS:  Getting To Know Yourself, Your Interests and Your  Aptitudes

For students who want to learn more about themselves and identify majors and occupations where they can thrive

 Based on numerous clients struggling with these very questions and worries, I decided to put together a series of assessments that can methodically help them step through that thought and decision process.  These assessments can be done as single stand alone exercises or as part of the above programs.    We jointly define which assessments would best serve the student.  Options include: